Aims and Objectives

  • Annites education is inspired by our founders’ vision drawn from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and based on the principles of character formation elaborated by Carlo and Giuila de Barolo.
  • The education they would impart includes both physical and intellectual development as well as acquisition of useful skill through which they aim at excellence.
  • To help the students to become mature, spiritually oriented, people of character, free from egoism and self- seeking and from all attempt to exploit one’s fellow men and women.
  • To encourage them continually to strive after excellence in every field without however neglecting the welfare and need of their fellow men and women.
  • To endeavor to establish a personal relationship with every student, to empower them, assist them to develop a sense of purpose and respect for self and others.
  • To cultivate a strong faith in God and a desire to expel darkness and to be a beacon of hope for the Society.
  • To bring out the hidden potentialities and inner resources of youth for their own development and that of the Society.
  • To inculcate in the Youth the human and Christian values such as honesty, sincerity, justice, equality, discipline, freedom and peace.