The Department(Assamese Hons) was established in 2016 with the vision of preservation and enrichment of oriental learning, culture, philosophy and thought by virtue of deep studies and research of both Assamese Language and Literature. It includes teaching and research of traditional Assamese texts covering various domains like Vedas, Classical Sanskrit, Assamese Grammar and Linguistics and Traditional Culture of Assam on the thought of both oriental and occidental thinkers to make the globe a place of happiness and co-existence.

The Department embodies a mission to encourage the usage of Assamese Language and research on various field of its Literature and to welcome the Comparative Studies on the scientific thoughts preserved in the Assamese text and criticism regarding the ecological balance, socio-religious life, philosophical exposition for the enrichment of the social values.


“Today marks the footprints of journey already made & instills hope in the destination yet to achieve.”

A historical landmark was made in 2016, when the History Department (Hons) was established in St. Ann’s College.

History is a powerhouse of information. It records the events, happenings and challenges of humankind in its totality, unmindful of space and time. The History department through its subject directs the learner towards the exploration of the events in the context of both National and International happenings. Today our study has become more critical and scientific as we dive into the catalogue of events in a descriptive manner. The subject of history directs our enthusiasm to know and wonder about our own doings and thereby inspires us to learn more and achieve better in the years to come. The course tries to keep in mind the three important aims of Higher Education – innovative learning, research and comparative study building up within the student a thirst for excellence.

The department of History offers a three-year B.A. Degree Course covering the History of India (Ancient, Medieval & Modern). Students are given an opportunity to study the regional history of Assam. The department also ventures to keep the students informed about the international happenings through the History of Europe and Modern Asia.

Mounting exhibitions on historical and cultural themes, preparation of charts & posters are the ongoing activities of the department. Inculcating a sense of patriotism and pride in our cultural heritage and motivating the students to become ideal citizens of India are the primary goals of the department. To achieve these goals students are encouraged to participate in the programmes of the department.


Effective and success are two keywords while referring to development or empowerment. It is evident that both are not equal in the case of all humans. This is because the quality and quantum of human resource available with each person is different, as the processes of development themselves would have been different in their strategies, methods or techniques as well as the total time spent.

Efficiency decides effectiveness and success. An increase in efficiency is possible when various types of existing resource are identified, developed, mobilized and managed. Nature has its own ways of making this happen. However, as the humans progressed they learnt to do this in a planned way so as to increase the efficiency and thereby increase effectiveness and success. That’s how different branches of sciences and social sciences developed. Among the social sciences, Political Science has an undeniable significance as it determines the effectiveness and success of a human being as not only a social but also a political being.

The Department of Political Science (Hons) was established in the year 2016. The students are given a broad vision of the subject through comparative study and by application. They are equipped to evaluate the performance of governments and political happenings. The study infuses in student’s rationality, expediency and leadership.


“By different methods different men excel but where is the one who can do all things well?”– Charles Churchill.

In the era of ‘networking’, it is heartening that English teachers constitute one of the largest networks in India. However, the challenges they have to tackle are many.

Beginning with the problem of first-generation learners who find the learning of a language which is not their own inscrutable, to the e-savvy learners who have moved beyond the academics and find traditional teaching unpalatable, English teachers have an uphill task every day. Yet, English Department, everywhere, to this day, remains one of the most vibrant departments and the English Department of St. Ann’s College, fortunately, is no exception. The English department( Hons) was established in the year 2016.

The syllabus for Major English is tailored to meet the needs of students seeking literary training and to sensitize the students to the finer nuances of literature. The selection of background material, prose, fiction, drama and poetry introduces students systematically to each age of English literature and the characteristic genres and literary movements of that period.


The Department of Bodo (Hons) started in the year 2016. The Department is rendering continuous services in flourishing the Bodo language and literature, which is the only tribal language in eight schedule of the Indian Constitution. Since its inception, the department has been taking the initiative to acquaint students in the fields of language, literature and culture in response to the demands of the time. In addition to imparting knowledge on the Bodos and topics related to them, the Department takes an active interest to cater to other related areas that can contribute to the future careers of the students.


The Department of Economics (Hons) started in the year 2016.

Avenues and Prospects:

Economics is a subject which is opted for by an increasing number of students as it has many the prospects; some of which are:

  • It is a job-oriented subject.
  • It equips the student with knowledge which enables them to cope with the changing economic scenario.
  • It provides valuable inputs for the various avenues of employment.
  • It creates awareness about Banks and Banking facilities which are an integral part of modern society.
  • It is applicable to everyday living.


The Department of Education (Hons) started in the year 2016. The Department has continuously ventured into several activities and programmes within and outside the College with an aim to bring benefit to the students of the College as well as the society as a whole.

Career and Prospects:

  • Students can go for further Research in the field of Education.
  • They can opt for teaching at the school and the undergraduate levels.
  • Students are better equipped to continue their B.Ed and/or M.Ed courses.

  • Administrative work especially in the field of Education becomes easier as there is an in-depth study about Educational Management.
  • Students can choose to become Counsellors as Counselling as a subject is taught.
  • Students are also equipped to pursue a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management; which is a qualification very much in demand in the Business and Education sector.
  • Furthermore, Education as a subject is inter- related to other disciplines such as psychology, sociology and so on, thereby making it relevant to the study of these other disciplines should the students aim to take up the same.


The Department of Commerce strives to take students beyond academics and offers innumerable exposures and opportunities facilitating them to grow in self-confidence and self-esteem and enabling them to face all challenges of life successfully.

The entire world has become a small village with the net-work of communication technology and in such a fast changing and dynamic world, it is imperative that the youth are prepared for innovation and creativity, leading to excellence in performance. As good communicators students should be adept at building human relationships and promoting potential markets while learning the art of living.

The latest developments in Trade, Commerce & Industries are discussed in classrooms. Students are trained to become future leaders in the field of Business and Economics. ‘Business ethics and social responsibility’ is the motto of the training programme of the department.