Saint Ann’s College has 32 CCTV cameras. This device helps to curtail untoward incidences like fights, sexual assaults and trespassing. These are controlled with the use of CCTV cameras. In addition to preventing violent and disruptive activities within the College, CCTV cameras helps in promoting discipline.

St. Ann’s College has sufficient have sufficient classrooms with Bright light and required teaching aids. Classrooms are neat and clean. All the students can be accommodated in 2 seaters desks and benches.

This block consists of an office for the Principal, an office for official work, Examination Control room, infirmary etc. All the official work of the college is administered through this block.

Basic Computer knowledge is indeed necessary for all in this Digital world. Amidst the number of students studying here, there are a few who did not have had the access to such. Therefore, the College offers some classes on web designing, DTP, Tally etc. Thus, Computer lab is equipped with all the required facilities with total 24 computers where students acquire basic knowledge.

Clean drinking water facility is made available for the students along with cooled and normal drinking water.

Examination is the test of a student’s knowledge that has been accumulated in the past. There are 6 examination halls to accommodate students with all its requirements.

The main purpose of library is to provide the relevant source of information required for the students and faculties. It is being frequently updated with the collections keeping in mind the needs of the students. At present the Library has around 4200 books.

The College has a hall for multipurpose such as conferences, group studies, cultural events, competition of various types etc.

St. Ann’s College is convinced of the fact that the growing Children need to be helped psychologically. Thus a professional Counsellor is appointed in our college to help the students. Apart from academic studies we have other Co-curricular activities too.

For good physical fitness and strength, sports are an integral part of life. And so, the College offers the facility, by providing a Volley ball court and a badminton court for the activities.

Many of our students come from distant villages and so Hostel facility is provided for girls both for higher secondary students as well as Graduates and post graduates. The HS students reside in Julia Block and UG/PG students in Carlo Block. The Management takes care to monitor their intellectual and moral development.